We believe that knowledge is power, and that’s why we created ‘Money News You Can Use.’ I pick the five best articles I read each month and post them here so you can stay informed of the latest financial news and arm yourself with knowledge when preparing for retirement. I know most people don’t have time to sift through hundreds of articles to find the most relevant and helpful ones, which is why I do it for you!

Retirement may seem like the end of one of your longest chapters in life, but it’s not the closing of the book. You have an incredibly bright future ahead of you in retirement if you take the proper measures to protect and maximize your financial situation. You deserve to make the most of your next chapter in retirement, so take the right steps to help ensure your financial strategy is built to last.

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Understand What the Future of Retirement Could Look Like

Your retirement could look much different than previous generation’s retirement. Here are the 5 things that make your future in retirement unique.

The Life Insurance Retirement Plan – What to Know Before Jumping In

Life Insurance Retirement Plans can be used as assets to help fund your retirement, but there are key complexities to know before utilizing one.

Know the Pros and Cons of I Bonds as a Retirement Investment

I Bonds can help protect against inflation by providing an inflation-pegged yield. This can be a great solution during inflationary times, but who’s to say inflation will continue?

Lifestyle Planning and Technical Retirement Planning – You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Retirement planning may bring about images of stock charts, tax forms, and insurance contracts. But before you jump into the weeds, your lifestyle plan and costs should be just as meticulously planned.

Hiring A Financial Planner for Your Future Retirement

Access to proper financial planning has never been greater. Financial advisors can make the difference between surviving and thriving in retirement, so here’s what to expect when it comes to finding a financial retirement.