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Floyd Financial Group is an independent financial advisory firm founded in 2002 and located in Springfield, MO. Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals by providing unbiased financial advice. We have a dedicated team of individuals whose goal is to help families and their loved ones protect their assets and estates to provide financial peace of mind.


Our business is built on relationships. As such, we focus on providing proven strategies, superior care, and knowledgeable solutions. Our comprehensive solutions allow us to be a helpful resource, no matter your stage of life or life event you are experiencing. We service many different types of clients, including New Retirees, Pre-Retirees, New Parents, Small Business Owners, Families with College-Aged Students, and Veterans.

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Our Process

We follow a five-step process to create your financial plan. The wonderful benefit of our five-step process is that it applies to any financial decision or concern you have. It helps you make informed decisions about your money based on facts and an experienced team of professionals to help guide you along the way. We take the time to thoroughly explore your needs no matter the stage of life you are in to help provide a custom-tailored solution that we continue to monitor and adjust until the end of time.


Every person has their own unique set of needs and goals. In this step we will review your current financials and connect them to your retirement.

We crunch numbers assessing your readiness-to-retire based on your ideal retirement age. We use a variety of analysis tools from around the globe to ensure we have the best solutions for you.
In this step, we take what we have learned about you and create a custom-tailored comprehensive financial plan, drawing on proven strategies, effective solutions, and our many years of experience.

Once we have decided on an appropriate plan to meet your financial objectives, we implement it, making sure you understand clearly the strategies and how they connect to your specific ideas of retirement.

The only constant in life is change. We recommend an annual review for any plan we develop for our clients. This allows us to make sure everything is on track to meet your goals, address changing needs, and uncover new opportunities.