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Over the years at Floyd Financial Group, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals by providing unbiased financial advice. We have a dedicated team of individuals whose goal is to help families and their loved ones protect their assets and estates to help provide financial peace of mind. Check out some of our useful guides below, and don’t forget to request your complimentary, no-obligation financial review!

The Basics of The SECURE Act 2.0

Congress passed the second installment of the SECURE Act under the Omnibus Spending bill of 2023, containing major changes to the retirement planning landscape.

Ultimate 401(k) Guide for Healthcare Professionals

If you’re a healthcare professional, you’ve worked hard to earn your credentials, whether a nursing assistant, administrator or even a doctor. You’ve also invested time and money into your education, and now it’s time to think about investing in your future retirement with 401(k)s and their benefits.

Market Volatility in the New Age

Planning for retirement is never a “set it and forget it” activity: There are unexpected disasters, market drops, and changing laws that invariably cause retirees to reevaluate their plans of action. There’s no way to predict everything that will cause market downturns, but you can prepare yourself by having a solid financial plan in place.

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Why 59 and 1/2 Is An Important Age

Presented By Randy Floyd

As a member of the largest generation in American history, you’re sometimes blamed for bankrupting Social Security. But, you also contributed to Social Security your whole working life. About 76 million children were born during the boomer years, from 1946 to 1964, and those like you went on to contribute many years to work – and many dollars – to society.

Women’s Retirement Planning Guide

They say “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and their differences carry over into financial planning. In a world where women oftentimes share, or own, the responsibilities of household finances, and often are the major “breadwinner”, it makes sense that they are adequately addressed. There are a disproportionate number of men in the financial space today, so it’s important to take a moment to address some financial needs unique to women.

2023 Tax Planning Guide

After a tumultuous 2022, filing your taxes this year could be complicated. Maybe you stopped working, realized investment gains, created an estate plan, or went from itemizing to claiming the standard deduction or vice versa. There are many factors that can impact whether your taxes will increase and whether you need to rethink your tax strategy.

5 Keys to Retirement Planning in 2023

It’s a New Year, and that’s something to celebrate! This year is the year for a renewed focus on planning and preparation in the five key areas of retirement planning. These are the building blocks of any solid retirement plan, and this guide will detail each one. Whether 2023 is the year when you retire or not, it’s the year to create a truly comprehensive retirement plan that addresses each of these areas.

Maximizing Social Security In Today's World

Many Americans rely primarily on Social Security in retirement, and even if you don’t, you still want to know how to claim your maximum benefit. Although you will most likely not be able to maintain your current lifestyle on a Social Security benefit alone, it can make up a significant portion of your income and is guaranteed for as long as you live.

Age 5 to 55: What Your Kids Need to Know About Finances

You taught your kids how to tie their shoes, to look both ways before crossing the street, and countless other lessons. But what have you taught them about money? Many parents may feel uncomfortable talking about the subject with their children, no matter how old they are. But, there are important lessons to teach your children about finances at any age.

Retirement & Inflation

We saw increased government spending due to COVID, and will likely see more in the next few years, leading to more debt. Some economists theorize that this could lead to increased inflation, in the short-term, or the long-term. You may have already realized higher prices on the items you buy every week and be wondering if we’ll see the high inflation of the 1970s again.

The Four Major Retirement Challenges

Today’s retirees may be the richest the world has ever seen, but they also face some of the biggest challenges ahead. In other words, it’s the best of times, and it’s the worst of times.

Important Birthdays Over 50

When you are older, “and-a-half” birthdays start making a comeback. Starting at age 50, several birthdays and “half-birthdays” are critical to understand because they have implications regarding your retirement income. To learn more about the impact your upcoming birthdays can have on your overall retirement, click the button below and download our guide!

The ULTIMATE 401(k) Guide

We all know that a 401(k) is one of the most important retirement planning tools we have. You pay into it for decades and will likely need to rely on it, among other income sources, for decades in retirement. The potential tax benefits and power of compound interest can make it a great saving and investment tool for anyone who practices financial discipline and contributes regularly. There are several important things to know about your 401(k), such as how much you can contribute, options for your 401(k) when you leave your job, and how much you are paying in 401(k) fees.

Pension, Buyouts & Retirement Income

Here’s proof that funding retirement has changed: In the early 1980s, about 60% of Private sector employees had a defined benefit pension plan. Now, 4% are covered. If workers do receive their pension, they may have to decide between receiving larger payments over their lifetime or receiving smaller payments over their and their spouse’s lifetimes.

A Short Introduction to Long-Term Care

Americans today are living longer than in the past. The average life expectancy for American men is 76.3 years and 81.4 years for women. Of course, many people live to be older than that. A longer, healthier life is certainly a blessing, but it comes with extra costs that are important to plan for, especially as it pertains to your retirement plan.


Shielding What Matters Most

9 Investment Pitfalls

Experience has taught us that successful investing requires discipline and patience. A long-term investment focus can help when emotions run high. While balancing ongoing changes can seem daunting, a steady course can help buffer you against turbulence and uncertainty. To help you overcome these challenges, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes and guidelines.